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Friday, 8 July 2016

Indian irregular cavalry - a 15mm comparison

When it comes to nineteenth century Indian irregular cavalry in 15mm we are spoiled for choice.  Manufacturers mostly provide lots of packs with lots of variant figures. The question is how well do different makes fit together?  So let’s have a look.

From Left to Right first two bases QRF Sikh Gorchurra, next base Dixon Mutineer, next Irregular irregulars if you get my drift, next QRF Moghul and finally Black Hat SikhI like all of these figures and I do use them together.

Let’s look at some units to get some idea of the variety available.  First Black Hat Afghans, second Irregular Indian cavalry, and third ,though with a Black Hat general, the very lovely QRF Gorchurra.


  1. Some great looking figures OB.

  2. Some great looking figures OB.

  3. Cheers Ray glad you like 'em. The funny thing is for about twenty years I was only interested in Ancients. The last unit of LOA Dragoons got their coats painted earlier.