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Friday, 9 December 2016

More for the Carlist War

There is apparently a delay at the Designer’s end in the next tranche of QRF Carlist War figures although some of the new models have already arrived. While I wait with no little anticipation I am pressing on with what I have to hand. 

A base of QRF Centre Company Cristinos.  You can see why I’m so keen to see the new releases. 

More Carlists here. 

Here we have Brigadier Charlie FitzGerald with some BAL Rifles.  He seems to have added a non- regulation green plume to his hat all the better to get the Munster boys to charge entrenched positions.

Below these Old Glory Mexicans are standing in for the British equipped Chapelgorri in their distinctive red Shakos. Barring the non -Spanish cartridge box they are a good match.

More Carlist War stuff as soon as it arrives.