Saturday, 28 January 2017

Prussian Infantry

More Blue Moon figures here, the more of them I paint the more I like them.  The six figures per base is really working for me and I guess it’s what got this project off the ground.  It does mean it takes time to complete a unit and I found it refreshing to turn to the much simpler Carlist uniforms during painting.

The Kersell Fusilier Regiment.

Here we have a mixed battalion of Grenadiers.

The Prinz Von Preuben infantry Regiment which is a base short until I ask Andy at Old Glory to send reinforcements.  

Now I need to paint some artillery, one 2 gun battery at a time.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Austrian Cavalry

Three new additions to my army of Maria Theresa.  First the  K├ílnoky Hussars.

Then the Erzherzog Joseph Dragoons.

Finally, the O'Donell Cuirassiers. 

Once again, they are Blue Moon figures.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

A Carlist Lacuna

Despite being very eager to press on with my Carlist War project I find myself stymied by the lack of new releases from QRF.  It’s not without its upside though. Desperate to assuage the Carlist urge I bought some of the Fantassin Carlist command figures to see if they would fit with QRF.  As you can see they do indeed and so will provide more variety in my anticipated Carlist War armies.

The main beneficiary though has been my 7YW project most of which was purchased over a year ago, partly painted and put away with a disinterested sigh.  The key to its revitalisation, apart from the Carlist lacuna, was my realisation that I needed the Barry Lyndon effect and that could be had by using six figures per base for the infantry.  

It costs more and takes longer to paint a battalion but I think it looks much better than four to a base.  The figures are Blue Moon and Old Glory and progress proceeds apace. 

More soon.

Stop Press! QRF have added some new figures to their Carlist War range!

Sunday, 8 January 2017


It’s a new year and I hope you all have a good one.

I’m going to be concentrating on finishing last year’s projects and hopefully getting a few more games in, all of which will appear on this blog.

Some folk have been kind enough to ask for copies of Have a Heart and At the Ends of Empire which is very gratifying.  

I want to do another test game for each of them and following that I will make a PDF and QRS freely available for both sets for anyone who wants them.  The Army Lists, and I will be adding new ones, will be on this blog should anyone wish to use them.

Sometimes you begin a project and lose interest-usually after spending a lot of money.  I thought my Seven Years War project had gone this way but as if by osmosis it revived itself.   So, with no further ado here are some Austrians.

Regiment Von Browne above and some Croats below.

Here is the redoubtable regiment Botta.

As ever thanks for reading and more very soon.