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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Prussian Progress

Slowly but surely Frederick’s army, or part of it, comes into view. 

Here are the Von Belling Hussars who will be getting a guidon as Frederick denied most Hussar regiments flags.  The little white dots on the Mirltons are my attempt at creating an impression of a semi reclining skeleton.

The Truchseb Dragoons below with a nice flag from Kronoscaf.

The first Prussian battery is done, two to go.

Back to the Carlist War next.


  1. Nice work, what figures are they?

  2. Very nice, love these splendid Hussars!

  3. Blue Moon 15mm Ray, they come in bags of 15 troopers and 9 command respectively which suits my basing system nicely.

  4. Thanks Phil. My next Prussian Hussar unit is allowed, by history and Frederick, to carry a very nice captured French flag. They should look pretty cool.