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Sunday, 5 March 2017

A Holiday Book or two

I often think good books make for good games. 

A good book packed with primary sources will tell you the actuality of how an army fought.  You know, the sort of little details that make a game genuinely interesting.

Carlists for example were like mountain goats speedily going where others could not, the Cristinos in the main were not so swift and the lads of the BAL (British Auxiliary Legion) were plodders by comparison.  It’s the sort of knowledge that gives us period flavour on the table.

I recently bought a bunch of Minifigs Crimean figures (An eBay bargain) you can see some of them on this page.  I think the Turks are particularly nice.  

So now I’m keen to play a Crimean Game and while I wait for the paint to dry I’m rereading my Crimean War Books.

So finally getting to the point of this post, if you’re interested in the Crimean War or just looking for a good read to while away a sun kissed hour I’d suggest getting either or both of the following:

The Destruction of Lord Raglan by Christopher Hibbert

The Crimean War: A Re Appraisal by Phillip Warner

Like my Ebay Minifigs they are great value and you won't regret it.


  1. A nice period to play...lovely minis!

  2. Yeah Phil, I like them and they can fight the Persians too.

  3. Thanks Ray, another 6 units and 8 guns to go.