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Thursday, 30 June 2016

A City for The Mutiny and beyond

After much enjoyable reading and a few games I came to the point where I wanted to game the sieges and street fighting that characterised much of the war to re subjugate ‘The Jewel in the Crown’.  That meant scratch building a city and after a bit of research I decided foam board might do the trick.  Now it’s time for a disclaimer I had never attempted modelling on this scale before and I knew it would not match the work of the true artists in our hobby.  That said the finished product has attracted some kind words and I’m happy with it.

All in all, the entire project including material and tools cost me under £30.00 and that is pretty competitive so long as you have the time for the work.  Also there was a learning curve that has equipped me for my next building project – The Great City of Tenochtitlan.
So now I have a city which will serve as the fictional Krishnapur*, Delhi (though it’s the wrong colour) Kabul, Herat and at a push the Crusades and Muslim Spain.

Here it is.

The whole thing is modular so it can be put together in a variety of ways even to create a British Residency (of sorts). 
Best of all everything was designed to hold at least one unit and in some cases more.  No more sighing as defenders hurl themselves backwards from the parapet having lost their balance.  I might add a fourth wall as its currently the table edge.  Also for Kabul I need to make some compound walls favoured by wealthier residents.  The is a small voice in my head saying Sevastopol but I’m ignoring it.

A final photo of the city as Krishnapur.  That bridge needs more work.

* From JG Farrell’s great novel The Siege of Krishnapur.  


  1. Great looking buildings!

  2. Thank lads. It was,once I got started, pretty easy to do. You do need lots of sharp blades.