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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Coming Up Soon

For the last two years I have been resolutely finishing off armies I began collecting decades ago.  Sometimes this has been a small matter of a few units.  Others required much more work, not only that there has also been massive rebasing as my taste in rules has changed from WRG to Piquet.  

Strictly speaking the latter was not necessary but I wanted a Piquet look.  Any how it is all showing progress as army after army is completed.

I also have two big projects I want to complete - the Nine Years War in Ireland and Cortez in Mexico.  The figures for both these projects are mainly done and you will be seeing the armies here in due course.  Both wars are quite demanding in terms of finding a rule set that can reflect how they were fought. 

For the Irish war I’ll be using James Roach’s Hell Broke Loose to start with. If I need to tweak it, I will and I’ll set out the rationale here.
The Mexican campaign means producing a rule set from scratch and by rummaging through the Piquet tool box I have a first draft.  The tricky thing was the Aztec custom of captive taking and, when successful, its impact on the Spanish. 
I’m now happy that I have a mechanism for that and I thank James Roach for his input on that.  The test games will feature here so don’t be alarmed if you see Aztecs in a Moghul city.  Tenochtitlan wasn’t built in a day.  
As a working title the rules are called Have a Heart and will be tagged for anyone interested in how they develop. 

I’m also itching for a game but “events dear boy” as Macmillan said.
Next up will be the last of the Sikh, Sikh War figure reviews. The British will follow in due course.


  1. Keep plodding on! Get the Boyne stuff done!

  2. Splendid figures here, love the colored Mexican campaign!

  3. The Boyne stuff only need one more unit of Dragoons and then its done.

    Those Aztecs are Black Hat I enjoyed painting them.

  4. Be interesting to see how these develop. I'm in the middle of debasing a load of Aztecs and Spanish.

  5. Me too Alistair I'm taking it incrementally and will be reporting back as I go. My sympathies on the debasing.

  6. That is a brilliant name for a set of Conquistador rules!

  7. That is a brilliant name for a set of Conquistador rules!

  8. Thanks El Grego, I wanted something short and memorable.