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Thursday, 29 September 2016


At the Ends of Empire is coming along nicely.  I’ve now got a three side Play Sheet and the cards are done but not yet printed. 

The first draft of the main rules is done too and I have four Army Lists in draft Irish, Picts and two Roman armies.  

So time for a play test soon I’m particularly interested to see how the chariots and cavalry Drungus works. I’ll be very pleased if they both do what I intended.

For the play test I'm going to do a Roman punitive expedition into the lands of the Picts. There will be a lot of Picts so we'll see how the Romans do.

I've refurbished some more Minifigs Picts and they will get an outing.  Also I ordered some Donnington Romans for some armoured Auxilia Palatina, artillery and Legion Britones Seniores.  Painting the shields of the latter is going to be a challenge - 12 spokes.

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