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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Onontio and Friends-Part 1

Onontio was what the native American tribes called the Governor General of New France.  

Onontio and his fellows were OK, they brought trade goods, especially guns of good quality.  His young men came to stay, they could speak the language and sometimes they married local girls.  Best of all they would join you on the war path where reputations were made.

Nor did Onontio want your land, he understood who and what you were and how things were supposed to work.  It was true Onontio was sometimes crazy, if you took captives you could sell them to him, the white ones anyhow, and then he would send them home!

If Indian politics worked on reputation Onontio could rest assured he had a good one.  Unless you weren’t his friend, then things were different and woe betide Onontio’s enemies.  

When Onontio went to war, his young men came and gave good presents and good reasons why you might like to take up the hatchet too.

I want to see how Onontio and pals get on in a game of The Pikeman’s Lament.  Before we do that let's review the forces involved and do a bit of scene setting.


  1. Some great looking figures OB. Wonder how Onontio will get on?

  2. Cheers Ray, I recall you have some yourself and that you built some rather spiffy Long Houses.

    As to Onontio we will have to wait and see as he will be very heavily outnumbered on the other hand it's his ground and he knows it well, and the lads are tough.