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Sunday, 28 May 2017

The Pikeman’s Lament (TPL) for Monongahela

I’m taken by the idea of using TPL for various French and Indian Wars encounters and where better to start than Monongahela. The first thing to do is to slot the combatants into TPL categories.  Both sides will have 24 points worth of troops.

For the French, we have two units of Forlorn Hope, each of 6 figures, representing the Compagnies de Franches or colonial marines as they are often called in English.  Tough and very able.

Then we have 3 units of Indians or Canadians each costing 4 points and represented as six figures each of veteran Commanded Shot.

For the Anglo-Americans, we have one unit of 6 Grenadiers rated as Forlorn Hope and costing 6 points. Deadly lads, they initially drove off their opponents with crushing volley fire.

Then we have a unit of 12 British regulars who as veteran Shot also cost 6 points.  That's the valiant and intelligent young Lord Howe in the red coat, who was killed in a pre - battle skirmish.

Two units of American Provincial infantry each of 12 figures and rated as inferior Shot add another 6 points.  I'm rating then inferior because they were newly raised on an annual basis and only embodied for part of the year.  I also wanted lots of them on the table.

The remaining 6 points pay for 3 units of Commanded Shot representing the Ranger companies.  As yet they lack the skills of their Canadians and Indian equivalents.

The terrain will be mostly woods, hills and trails. Selecting a suitable scenario may lead me to borrow from Dan Mersey's other rule sets.

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