Wednesday, 3 January 2018

1513 in 2018

Happy New Year to one and all.

Here are the new boys for 1513 in 2018.

Some Kern for Henry’s expedition. I will field these as Bidowers in Lion Rampant terms which is how Henry used them in France. If I add another unit, and I might, they could be combined into a unit of Fierce Foot in an Irish Retinue.  The figures are from QRF’s Tudor range and I rate them highly as 15mm Irish go.  They have been modified with new or replacement shields and in one case a spear.

Next, we have some work in progress using some Roundway15mm English Knights as the basis for Henry’s elite King’s Spears.  As you can see I had a go at plumes, not as tricky as I had thought.  You can see the before and mid-way below along with one ready for high lighting. I think they are coming along OK.  One unit only of these and as you might guess they are the English equivalent of the Gendarmes.

I’m also part way through my second unit of Royal Archers you can see some 15mm Co conversions here.  For some reason I felt a burning desire for some English archers in kettle helmet, God knows why, its what we do I suppose.  Anyhow here they are replete with added quivers and new coats. I added a couple of bucklers too. The rest of the unit, like the command figures, will be QRF.

Now to France with two units of Adventuriers comprised of Essex, 15mm Co and QRF figures.

A fair few of them are conversions.

Last, but certainly not least, here are some of my Stradiots in French Service.  These fellows are from Mirliton and I think they are pretty good. Maybe the best Stradiot figures available.

So, there we are, everything is coming along nicely and I’m just about ready to put a game on.  All of which leads me to share an idle thought, is there any mileage in importing the Mounted Infantry category and rules from *The Men Who Would Be Kings into Lion Rampant to represent mounted infantry archers?

* Or the Dragoon one from The Pike Man's Lament.  Mind you mustn't over tinker.


  1. Glad you liked the Mirliton Stradiots.

  2. I do indeed, very nice figures and a joy to paint.