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Monday, 18 April 2016

Brigadier Wilson's Column

As General Rose explained the task of garrisoning Krishnapur must be performed with some delicacy past slights must be ameliorated and the hope of redress fostered.  A suitable gift of bullion would set the right tone.  Yet the threat of force must be evident should the Rani be inclined to be uncooperative.

He Wilson would command a brigade comprised of the 53rd, the RN contingent with the new Enfield rifles, a fine battalion of Ghurkhas’, a battery of foot artillery and a 4 squadrons of Sikh horse.  All, in all enough to overawe the Rani’s rabble.

Of course no one had actually been in the city of Krishnapur but by interrogating the natives a map had been drawn.  There were two strong points in the city suitable for the garrison a fort adjacent to the Rani’s palace and the great gate of the city.  The general thought the great gate the better from there the guns could dominate the city and if it came to it shell the palace.  But it need not come to that.  Also should things turn ugly reinforcements would not have to fight their way through the city to the garrison, it wouldn’t come to that either.  Best of all the gate controlled the river crossing and that was what really counted.

So the great gate it was and could Wilson send the Sikhs back one he was in situ?  The Residency command was still short of cavalry.

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