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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Thank You and What's Coming Up Next.

Just a note to thank all of you who have found my blog worth a visit and to outline what’s coming up next.

Having discussed the Khalsa we turn to the British Army in the First Sikh War. As usual there will be some thoughts and a Field of Battle Army list. The information should be of use to other systems too.

Then we will consider the battle of Mudki, including terrain, order of battle for both sides and a game with an after action report.

After, or indeed in between all that, I’ll review the ranges for both the Mutiny and the First Sikh War currently available in 15mm. 

Then we might see how the Rani and Brigadier Wilson are getting on.

Thanks once again for your interest.  As I write this “With Peril in Jeopardy!” is approaching a thousand page views. It is very encouraging.

There will be a break for a few days and the next Sikh War post should be up next Friday.


  1. Yeah I'm trying to maintain a theme rather than jump about too much. It also allows me to start preparing the stuff on the Tai Ping while India is running as it were.

  2. Are we gonna see your NYW collection on here???

  3. Yes and the Flodden one as well. I thought about another or even more blogs but reckoned you and some other folk all manage fine with one blog for all interests and so could I.

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  5. I will be reading your blog with interest. You've made a very impressive start!

  6. Very kind of you Doctor Phalanx I hope it continues to be of interest.