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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

A First Play Test – What Happened?

First the ground – The Mexica table edge was all hills and woods leading down to the plain where the Spanish and Tlaxcala forces were formed up.  On a central hill the Mexica commander could be seen surrounded by troops.

The forces were smallish on both sides. The Spanish had a small unit of cavalry led by the dashing Pedro Alvarado and a unit of swordsmen led by Sandoval. The Tlaxcala, in two commands, fielded two units of archers, a unit of Otomi and one of knights.

The Mexica had two command groups one comprising of two units of Eagle knights and two of slingers with a unit of warriors. The other had a unit of Cuachics, one of archers and a unit of Jaguar knights.  Most of the second command were concealed.

Plans – The Spanish intended to advance, supported by the Tlaxcala, straight at the Mexica commander while wily Pedro swept around the right flank to hit the Mexica in the flank or even better the rear. The Mexica commander, using himself as the bait, intended a double envelopment and had massed troops on both flanks.

How did it go? In the centre the Spanish and friends made a measured advance (poor movement dice) while arrows stated to fall on the Tlaxcala knights on the flank to little effect.  Meanwhile Pedro and pals had raced (good movement dice) around a wood and found themselves facing the rear of the first Mexica command. They charge into the rear of the Eagle knights, who turn and fight and die and run.  

Pedro has the lads in hand and does not pursue. Now the Mexica react turning (they got a Formation Change Card) to face this terrible threat.  The Spanish horse (two bases strong) are hit with fire from three units (two slingers and one Atl Atl) at close range and throw a 1.  And that's it for Pedro and Co.  As they are out of sight, apart from hearing some rather ominous Mexica whistling, the rest of the allies know nothing of their fate.

Back in the centre Sandoval is continuing his slow advance when the enemy come into view stones start to bounce off Spanish armour and then its like a hail storm (two volleys the second at close range.)  Extremadura's finest stagger back and Sandoval thinks this is when Pedro should attack. Two units of Tlaxcala archers fire on the Mexica slingers driving them off with some loss.

The Mexica were over emboldened by the destruction of the Spanish cavalry and charged across the line:

·       The Cuachics engage the Tlaxcalan knights and are pushed back, following up the Tlaxcala prevail again.
·        Eagles charge and drive back a unit of Tlaxcala archers and follow up pushing them out of the allied battle line.
·        Mexica warriors charge the Spanish and are thrown back with losses.
·       Jaguars hit the Spanish and are held in melee and then routed with heavy losses. In the melee the Mexica commander is slain.

And that was it – the Mexica were out of morale points and they could only withdraw. I'll do some post match analysis and report back but so far so good I think.