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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The King of Scots and his Army

About twenty years ago at a show in the North East I bought these figures from Steve Shaw.  I painted up a couple of units and well…lost interest.  Steve sold his ranges to QRF who subsequently sold them to Bloody Day in the USA. 

Then I came across the ‘Don’t Throw a 1’ blog you’ll find a link opposite.  Ray the proprietor had a couple or so of Flodden posts with some lovely looking flags for both sides.  Very kindly he makes them available as a free download.  That was the spur I needed to finish the King of Scots and his Army.  So better late than never and I hope you enjoy the results. 

The Battle of the King of Scots seconded by the men of Edinburgh.

The whole army.

Nobles and more nobles.

For games with these lads I use Hell Broke Loose.


  1. A great looking army OB! And the flags look cool too! Nudge nudge!!

  2. Cheers Ray, glad you think so and thanks again for all the flags. On that subject while I tweak 'Have a Heart' I have taken some pics of my Jacobites and Williamites so we will see them here soon.