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Tuesday, 26 July 2016


Here's the army.  It needs three bases of Dragoon horse holders, a bit of basing and some cavalry flags otherwise it is good to go.  Of course I may want to add the Lord Grand Prior's regiment too.

In this pic we can see some of the far famed Irish cavalry, a battery, Gordon O'Neil's foot regiment and in the rear line the important French contingent.  To the right of the pic are the Foot Guards.

The generals are having a conference in front of both battalions of Foot Guards, I need to re-size a flag there, further back you can see lords Antrim and Bellew's  regiments. 

Here is Sarsfield with some more of the cavalry.  In the background we can see Lord Louth's regiment and just about see the Dragoons.

At some point I will write about the relative strengths and weaknesses of the both sides in the Williamite War and we will see a game or two. For the moment though I'm happy enough to be able to present the armies to you.  

I am very keen to do some games in Scotland and I do have the figures so we will see them too.  The fine flags you can see are mainly from Ray at Don't Throw a 1 and are free!  Next up the Williamites.