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Thursday, 28 July 2016


Here is William's polyglot army horse, foot and guns. I will shortly add another battery.

From front to back the Earl of Portland's Horse AKA the Oxford Blue's and some Dutch Squadrons seconded by the Garde Parde and Eppinger's Dragoons.  Hugeonot infantry to the side.

Danish Guards in yellow  and Dutch Guards in blue seconded by more Danes and the exiled Hugeonots. The Danes, who have abandoned both the matchlock and the pike, are thought to be the best infantry in Europe at this time.  Clifton's, McKay's and the Earl of Bath's regiments on the right.

A good view of some of William's British regiments and a mixed battery.  The English and Scot's regiments like the Irish still favoured the matchlock and pike.

The figures are all Essex and Irregular 15mm and the flags are from Ray at Don't Throw a 1.  I will add more Garde Parde and some Danish squadrons but this army, apart from cavalry flags, is pretty much done. I hope you like it.


  1. Love the Danish Guard!!! And its great to see my flags flying high!!!

  2. Its great to have them Ray I think they make the army.