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Monday, 17 July 2017

Four Sixes for China

Here is my Great Powers expeditionary force for China.  

First, we have the German Sea Battalion.

Next the elite Italian Bersaglieri.

Finally, some British Sailors.

With a supporting gun and crew. 

Four units in all, all costing 6 points and totalling the required 24 points required for a TMWWBK company.  So, a fairly dull decision to rate everyone as dependable, formidable regulars but OK for a first in period game.

In future games, I’ll make the Bersaglieri sharp shooters and the Sailors fierce.  I also have the figures for a Russian Company, Cossacks, Dragoons, Sailors and artillery.  I’ve yet to paint most of them but I think I will get them all done. 

I've also got a unit of armed civilians for defending Legations and the like.  The latter might well accompany a naval brigade for Zulu related fun at the Cape.  Chelmsford never came back... sort of thing.

All of the toys are all Old Glory 15mm should you be thinking of getting some.  

I finished a unit of Mongols too, to support the Boxers.  They are sold as Chinese Irregular Cavalry and, believe it or not, this is the only photo of them I've seen on line.

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