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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Zulus, 32 of them!

All Old Glory 15mms and based for The Men Who Would Be Kings.  These ones are the married warriors with head rings.  Nice figures I think, with a lot of variety.  They seem to be slightly smaller than the OG Ancients figures I have.  

The bag produced enough figures for three units of 16 figures with spares left over. Six figures are armed with a rifle.

I’ve ordered a bag of Zulus in full ‘uniform’ too.  That will give six units in all and should I want, a unit of skirmishers.  So in terms of the Impi a 1-4-1 formation for horns, chest and loins of the bull. 

They are quite time consuming to paint but worth it I think. You do have to glue the shields on.

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