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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Nap’ Rampant

Belatedly, I came across mention of Eagle Rampant (a Napoleonic Lion Rampant) and then Dragoon Rampant-Ditto but for the Peninsula War and subsequently Rifleman’s Lament based on The Pikeman’s Lament.  

All good stuff, so of course I succumbed.

A visit to the Bits Box and I was in business give or take a couple of discrete purchases.
While I pondered I realised these are the type of rules needed for the ’98 in Ireland.  First though I need some figures.  Khurasan have them, but they have not been released.  When they are ready I will be too.

Meantime, with only one Zulu unit left to paint my thoughts are turning to Spain.  Mr Mersey seems to have pulled off the DBA effect by creating an engine that everyone wants to use.