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Monday, 3 July 2017

More Jacobites

Roundway make a pack of Royal Ecossaises for the ’45, well I couldn’t resist, so here they are.

This probably means I’ll be doing the Irish Piquet’s too, Baggot’s Hussars and Fitz James’s Horse.

I now have three units of Highlanders based for TPL and intend having a fourth.  They are almost all from Roundway Miniatures (A venerable manufacturer of quality 15mm figures).

I thought they could do with some flags so I could tell them apart so I added some to the last bunch I painted.

I intend to try out big TPL using 36 points in three commands of 12-like brigades really.


  1. Great looking figures OB, I do like the Roundway figures, I have quite a few myself.

  2. Aren't they great little lads Ray. I had to file the metal flags off which proved easier than expected.

    I was pleased to see your Blog escaped the photobucket massacre.