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Monday, 19 June 2017


Another Spanish volley downs three more of Hamilton’s men but the tough regulars stick to it.

The Highlanders and Sir John stop to drink a toast (failed their movement test).
All of the patrol is now moving but it’s really too late.  Hamilton’s unit down a Spanish Grenadier.

The Spanish volley into their much - reduced foes killing three and routing them.  Pleasingly Colonel Hamilton survives, still surprised that the damn French turned out to Spanish.  What a world.

As for Sarsfield he is Fortuna's blessed child.

The Jacobites begin to move off as the Highlanders with Sir John disappear over the horizon . When the patrol arrives it can bury the dead.  

Game over.

So that’s TPL, a fast-moving, fun game with lots of uncertainty.  The outcomes and the story told were plausible to me so I’ll be playing more of it. As it happened my Highlander adjustments never got an outing and I’ve now re thought them, more of which anon.

In TPL terms Hamilton was characterised pre game as old wound and Sarsfield as lucky.

Sarsfield’s luck was uncanny but did not extend to the actual fighting where the results for both sides were less spectacular. His ability to roll successive sixes was another matter, the Jacobites positively bristled with newly minted heroes. Still, strange things happen in combat as the late General Flashman often noted.

Hamilton’s patrol never saw action neither did Sarsfield’s re-enforcements.

My post first game verdict on TPL?  A lot of fun and loads of potential uses. I halved all distances as I use 15mm figures.  My next TPL game will be from the French and Indian Wars but I’ll be returning to 1715.

I'm already painting Sir John Wauchope's Horse comprised of Cumbrian and Northumbrian gentlemen and their tenants.  Algernon Percy will doubtless be wearing his French coat. 

Here are the re-thought Highlander stats.

Unit:  Clan
12 Models inc’ 1 Hero
Attack Value
Defence Value
Shoot Value/Range
Only half the unit fire Hit on 4+ Max ‘9
Maximum Move
Special Rules
No firing post charge
Counter charge v foot, wild charge, fleet footed

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