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Saturday, 17 June 2017


As a pre-emptive strike the London Government has arrested Sir John Wauchope who they consider a likely rebel. According to confidential reports he is a Free Mason, a closet Catholic, and a secret dabbler in the occult sciences. Whatever of that he is almost certainly a Jacobite and definitely a licentious drunkard albeit popular in his locality.

Sir John is being held in a hamlet deep in the wild west of Northumberland.  

He is in the custody of Colonel Augustus Hamilton who has at his command:

6 Grenadiers (Forlorn Hope) @ 6 points
6 Grenadiers (Forlorn Hope) @ 6 points
12 Private soldiers of Smythe’s Company (Veteran Shot) @ 6 points
12 Private soldiers of Small’s Company (Raw Shot) @ 3 points
6 Dragoons (Raw Gallopers) @ 3 points
24 points in all.

Sir John may not languish long in captivity a rescue party is on its way led by the notoriously lucky Captain Carlos Sarsfield of his Imperial Majesty’s Spanish service.  

Captain Sarsfield commands:
6 Grenadiers (Forlorn Hope) @ 6 points
12 Private soldiers of Tercio Catalonia (Veteran Shot) @ 6 points
Clan Mac Iain Mhor consisting of:
6 Gentlemen of the clan (Forlorn Hope) @ 6 points
12 Clansmen @ 3 points

If you are familiar with The Pikeman’s Lament (TPL) rules you will see I have differentiated the Highland Gentlemen from their lesser equipped followers to reflect their skill with firearms. That said once the Gentlemen have charged they will be deemed to have dropped their firearms.

6 Gentlemen volunteers (Raw Gallopers) @ 3 points
24 points in all.

Colonel Hamilton is an old soldier who is taking no chances. He has sent his newly raised troops, with a stiffening of grenadiers, to patrol the tracks, you couldn't call them roads, surely. 

His veterans carefully guard Sir John. 

Earlier some yokel brought in a report of Frenchmen. Perhaps foreign troops in the king's service heading north or more likely nothing but a rural fantasy.  He'd see what the patrols said.

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