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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Not Monongahela with TPL

Does anyone actually own enough trees for the French and Indian Wars?  I certainly don’t.  I was able to assemble four feet of leafy corridor to represent Monongahela which I hope will do the job of providing an appropriately gloomy, restrictive environment for the game.  

While we are making-do I should say that victory for the Anglo-Americans will be achieved by exiting the corridor.

For the French and Indians success is preventing the same.  

Onontio's men are heavily outnumbered.  The pre-match characterisation has produced a British commander (7 units) who is a ladies man and a French one (5 units) who is a duelist, party boys then.

As much as anything else I want see how well TPL works for this conflict.  If I'm happy I'll be trying two epic defeats one British, one French where the commanders concerned decided upon a European battle plan in an American context.  Oddly both of them were closely involved in the promotion of the new 'light infantry' tactics but opted for a traditional approach.


  1. Postie does...............own enough trees that is?

  2. Lucky man! I was nearly reaching for the Bamboo (not a metaphor).