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Saturday, 24 June 2017

The Lone Ranger Flees

The rangers are forging ahead but the grenadiers are stuck on the ridge and holding up the column.  But the rangers have gone too far and three of them are shot dead.  Strangely no further fire comes from the French, Howe assumes they are on the move.

The entire column moves up and this time they meet a response another two grenadiers fall; their remaining comrade makes a run for it.  Howe’s unit clears the ridge, Roger’s Rangers spot movement and fire.

While Dumas exhorts his allies, Howe gets the column moving save the last provincial unit.

The woods erupt with whoops and howls and musket fire.  Five of Howe’s unit are shot and Roger’s Rangers are reduced to a single man.  The lone ranger flees.  

Howe orders a volley into the tree line and two blue coated figures fall. Meantime Goreham’s Rangers move up, while another unit of British regulars joins Howe.  The provincials though have stopped dead.

Nothing stirs in the trees but Howe orders another volley killing one of Dumas's regulars. The French response is swift another of Howe’s unit falls bringing them to half strength and it proves too much, the unit collapses into rout taking Howe with them.

Game over and pleasingly like Monongahela.  The provincial units probably executed a swift about turn and headed home to ready for frontier mayhem.  The British regulars were likely doomed.  Although TPL is billed as a fun game, and it's all that, it can certainly generate a historical result.

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