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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

More Nap’ Rampant

Well, the British force has taken shape.  It’s not too unlikely, a unit of line infantry and one of light from Campaign Group Miniatures- lovely figures and in stove pipe shako.  Next, two more units of light infantry from Old Glory.  Last but not least Highlanders and Rifles from Fantassin now available from Capitan. All from the bits box and all units up to strength.

The French proved more of a challenge and so I might have to put my hand in my pocket.  The bits box delivered a gun and crew, a French line unit and too few voltiguers (2), cavalry (4) and command (1).  I do have two units of Bavarians too and one of French grenadiers. Can I justify a unit of French grenadiers?  I suspect not.

So, I need to make some decisions and to set some boundaries to prevent this becoming a bigger project than it needs to be.  That said surely 36 points would prove more flavoursome than 24.

I’d like some British light dragoons in shako and some Vistula lancers but really all I need to do is to buy some French infantry from Xan Miniatures.

As a compromise, I’ll be haunting ebay while I dither.

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