Saturday, 1 April 2017

A Box of Samurai

Many years have gone by since a box of Samurai arrived on my doorstep. They were from Outpost who make interesting stuff. Having cut my teeth on the ‘The Seven Samurai’ as a child and owning a box set of the films of Kurosawa enthusiasm ran high.  I also had a couple of Stephen Turnbull books full of lovely images-it should have been a breeze of a project.

I painted ten or so figures and none of them looked right. Somehow or other, I wasn’t getting it.  So, the box went into a cupboard and its contents were consigned to the ‘maybe’ list.  Until recently that is.

Lion Rampant by the indefatigable Dan Mersey made quite a stir a couple of years ago, and recently I bought a copy.  Someone produced the stats for a Samurai retinue and I reached for my box of Samurai which had enough figures for both sides.

Progress is being made as you can see on this page.


  1. Wonderful job, love the colors...

  2. Thank you Phil. There will be a few more up sometime today.