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Sunday, 30 April 2017

The Pikeman’s Lament (TPL) for The ‘15

Encouraged by my experience with TMWWBK I thought I might have a go with TPL from the same stable.  Questions arose like mist off a lake, which armies to choose?  Can I avoid rebasing?  Will I have to buy more stuff?  The last two were particularly important.  I hate rebasing and I have too much stuff. Time for a big intake of breath and a look in the Bits Box.  

Opening the Bits Box is a TARDIS like experience, its small but there’s loads in there.
First out were some British dragoons (Roundway 15mm Marlburian) already painted! Then some Highlanders ditto on all counts.  Next came some Lowland horse still in the packets. Then from the Cupboard of Lost Projects a full Spanish battalion in yellow coats and two British ones, in red naturally enough.  

Things were looking good for the 1715 Jacobite Rising.  Albeit with the Spanish four years premature  and in the wrong uniform.  A bit more poking about and I had enough figures for both sides. With a little painting I had enough for options too. Mainly, for initial forces it was just a bit of basing and rebasing required.

I rather fancy an Anglo-Scots  border based campaign. Perhaps accompanied by a wistful hum of Derwent Water Lament.  You can see some of the units on this page.


  1. Nice job. it looks like a fun set of rules.

  2. Thanks Mr L, it does seem promising.