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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Get Off My Land

Reno gets everyone across the river while the Crow patrol the open flank.  Keogh’s troop reached the first objective but before samples can be secured are engaged by Ino ‘Ka and the Badgers who kill a trooper and pin the unit. Sinjté moves his warriors into cover and waits.  The Kit Foxes shoot up the Crow downing a warrior and pinning the rest.

The Cavalry open up causing three casualties. Reno rallies Keogh’s troop and the Crows. 
Sinjté signals to Kangi 'Yuha and the Crow Owners society who in a close skirmish kill two of Benteen’s troopers.  The Kit Foxes inflict another two casualties on the Crows pinning them

Reno needs to do something to avoid disaster-the Crows are singing their death songs.  He orders fire at will, the Crows down a warrior while Benteen’s boys kill another two.  His own troop open up on Keogh’s attackers but its long range and they miss.

Ino ‘Ka’s Badgers are now among Keogh’s troop and doing serious damage.  Keogh and a single survivor reach Reno’s line.

Emboldened Kangi 'Yuha’s warriors close to skirmish with Benteen’s men but fail to inflict casualties.


  1. Those are very effective river pieces, and they are no doubt flowing a little redder following the day's action!

  2. Yes on both counts. The pieces do tend to drift apart a bit as play goes on but when first set up the river looks great. Its from The Terrain Guy.