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Wednesday, 5 April 2017


I seem to have my hand in now with the Samurai painting.  I’m just waiting for some smaller Warbases* to arrive for the single model bases and I’m just about getting there.

I confess I’m wondering if the glued on sashimono and swords are going to stand the test of time and play-perhaps a dab of white glue might be in order. Better safe than fiddly as it were.

Anyhow here’s the bunch so far.

If Lion Rampant continues to charm I might do a more retinues for The Cid and the 100 Years War.  I've also got a load of surplus Irish and Norman figures, steady there OB, steady. 

Meantime I await more Carlist War stuff coming into production.

* Speaking of which there's an outfit with real business moxy, spotted the gap and straight in.  I use nothing else these days.