Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The End Is Near

Reno now needs to conduct a fighting retreat.  He intends to hold off the hostiles with fire power with each troop covering the retreat in turn.  The Crows down two of the Crow Owners and retire and Benteen’s boys shoot another. So far so good, those Indians won’t be doing much now.  Then disaster strikes, Reno’s troop refuses to move.  They think it safer to hold their ground and blaze away.

The Kit Foxes replace the Crow Owners killing two of Benteen’s men.  Worse the Badgers now appear of Reno’s flank killing another four troopers. Now, Sinjté demonstrates his worth and leads his badly armed Lakota out of cover and into bow range, more troopers fall. It’s over for Reno.

I enjoyed these rules and thought they delivered a fun and believable game. Had Reno not got caught in a confined space he would have done better.  He was unlucky too when his men refused to move by doing so they gave the Lakota their chance.

Sinjté made good use of cover and bide'd his time well.  Toka ‘La’s dream served the Kit Foxes well and in real life would have earned him great respect.  The Badger Society would also have been very pleased with themselves.  Not so the Crow Owners who took heavy casualties.  The Lakota also enjoyed excellent dice while those for the Cavalry and Crow were mostly average at best.

I’ll probably introduce dismounted and consequently more effective fire power for the cavalry at a cost of two horse holders a unit and a move action.  Simple enough.  It will also provide the opportunity for the Lakota to try and run off the horses.  A favourite tactic.

For the Lakota, the characterisation part of the game lends itself to introducing some Plains flavour.  A thumbs up for TMWWBK then,  I'll certainly play more Plains War games with it. 


  1. Interesting refight. I am beginning to think I might invest in TMWWBK, I've got a lot of cavalry and Indians.

    One tiny point - I imagine you do know this too - but the Crow actually fought on the army's side against the Sioux, as the two tribes hated each other with a passion.

    In my collection, the Crow are the Indian scouts for the US cavalry.

    Thanks for the AAR!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Joseph. Yes I know who the Crow sided with. You can see them in the pics wearing their blue army coats, look out for the splash of warpaint.

    I think TMWWBK is worth a go for anyone interested in the Plains Wars. If you try it out do let us know what you think.