Monday, 30 October 2017

QRF Carlist Cavalry

I now have some of these and, as I had anticpated, they are mounted on a re-worked ancient, in both senses of the word, Frei Korp horse. I have Macedonians mounted on this horse from the 1980s.

Now these are not bad sculpts as wargames cuddies go, in fact anatomically they are rather pleasing.  They are a bit small though for a range of 15mm biggies.  The visual effect, for me, is of big men on small horses. 

Obviously if you think that’s what Carlist War cavalry should look like then no problem.  I’m not sure of that though.  

Anyhow I’ll paint a couple of bases up and see if I begin to feel the love.  Here's a work in progress of an Alaban Hussar below and a Navarre Lancer above on one of my newly made ploughed fields.

Here’s a pic of them with QRF Cristino infantry and I'd say they look proportionate over all. I'd certainly not consider this post a review, more a first impression.  Of course you'll make your own mind up.

When they're done and based I'll do a side by side pic with their Fantassin/Capitan equivalents.

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