Thursday, 5 October 2017

The People of No Property

As you can now see I’ve pragmatically solved my ’98 dilemma.  Khurasan are not yet available, Trent 28mm are too big, though Boy I nearly did.  Irregular are here, appropriate and affordable.  So, Irregular United Irish Men it is.  In all truth I couldn’t wait to try this out with TPL.

Over the years I have been stocking up on suitable figures for the Crown Forces and the French.  Most of them are Minifigs and Chariot which fit with Irregular but wouldn’t with Khurasan 18mm biggies, another bonus there then.

Here’s the first unit, complete with a nice internet sourced flag.  I’ve found a selection of those that will make for variety.

I’ve gone for 3,2,1 basing this time and also cut the pikes down by about a third. The United Irish Men seem to have favoured the Montluc approach “Grasp your pike in the middle and go for them”.  You can see the original length by looking at the standard bearer.

Here is some commanded shot.

For United Men starters, I’m aiming for 3 units of veteran pike and 3 of commanded Shot, 24 points in total.

And for the Crown, 1 unit of Raw Gallopers for the Yeomanry, 3 units of Raw Shot with close order capability for the militia, a gun and a unit of Shot as the Fencibles 22 points in total.

I’ll add fun stuff like French and British regulars later to enable 30 and 36-point games.


  1. Don't see this period very often? Great work!

  2. Thanks Ray. I'm just finishing off a unit of the Rathfarnam Yeomanry Cavalry, I've even got the flag. Wouldn't swear to the uniform though.