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Friday, 21 October 2016

After a little delay we continue.

After a little delay we continue.  Army Dice Roman 6 v Pict 1-. Five Cards in play. 

Card 1- Move, On the Roman Right the Commander throws low but manages to get the slingers out of contact with the Picts. In the Centre poor dice prevent movement. The Legions move up. 

Card 2-Lull-no action. Card 3-Army Morale- no action. Card 5-Manouvre, The Roman Centre forms up in two deep units each flanked by a deep unit of archers in preparation for assaulting the Pict archers. The slingers retire through the cavalry. 

Card 5- Move, On the Left the Roman commander throws even on a winning dice.  His cavalry, in Drungus, assault Casno’s Picts on a roll of 12 to 3.  The Picts are sent reeling back, Shocked and with many casualties.  The flank of the Pict archers is now uncovered.

The Picts: Card 1- Group Move, The Pict cavalry moves out on the Roman flank. 

Card 2-Lull- no action. Card 3 Command, The High King rallies Casno’s men but fails to restore all of their lost unit integrity. Card 4 Chariots reload- no action. Card 5 Army Morale- no action.

Army Dice Roman 2 v Pict 6-. Four Cards in play. Picts: Card 1- Lull- no action. Card 2- Command, a failed attempt to restore all of the lost unit integrity of Casno’s men. Card 3-Missilery, three units of Pict archers each shoot twice at their Roman opponents.  

One Roman unit is forced out of the battle line taking many casualties and becoming Shocked. The other Roman unit is also Shocked. Card 4-Melee-no targets.

We’ll the battle’s developing and both sides are bearing up to some heavy blows.

Casno and his lads will need a lot of luck to stand another cavalry attack. 

The next installment is tomorrow by which time we’ll know his fate. Thank you for reading and I hope you are finding it as enjoyable as I am. 


  1. Interesting mechanics, OB. Nice to see a mix of cards and dice for activation, movement, and combat.


  2. Thanks Aaron.

    I should have said more about the Drungus because I'm pleased with how its working. The Drungus attack represents cavalry riding up to the enemy and throwing their javelins at very close range but not making contact. In this case the cavalry won and so were never in any danger from the Pict spear men. Had they lost the would have suffered, being unarmoured and the spear being the superior weapon in that particular close combat match up.