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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Just a note before we get into it

Just a note before we get into the play test. 

The Romans are on a punitive expedition.  They intend to destroy the Pict army and then kill and burn every living thing they can find. This was standard practice on the Imperial frontier and seems to have happened about once every 25 years.

The Roman force is drawn from the field army and has 3 units of cavalry, two Legions and supporting troops, ten Comitatenses units in all 5 of which are elite.  There are four Roman commanders, the Romans have a total of 22 Army Morale Points.

Now to see if any additional Army Morale Points are available to Romans. The Romans throw two ones and so their total remains the same at of 22 Army Morale Points.  They will have to rely on superior equipment, training and command against the more numerous Picts