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Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Soon we will be having a full play test for At The Ends of Empire.  Just like the Have a Heart one it will be a card by card battle report

In At The Ends of Empire different formations are represented visually and have an impact on play. I thought it would be helpful to introduce them here to make the play test easier to follow. Most of them will be familiar enough.


These troops are Jutes formed up base to base in a single line it is the default formation for melee and missilery.


These are foot or mounted troops who move quickly without the need to maintain order they spread out to minimise the effects of difficult ground and of casualties from incoming missilery. Skirmishers on an even dice can advance shoot and retire on a single movement card. As a formation it is vulnerable to melee.


These troops are Scotti warriors formed up two deep to maximise their impact in melee. As a formation it is more vulnerable to missilery.


A cavalry formation that is limited to specialist horse archers and it minimises the impact of incoming missilery and maximises manoeuvrability while being vulnerable to melee. Troops in Parthian can move in any direction without formation change. These are Hun horse Archers.


A cavalry formation that enables hit a run tactics while maintaining both missilery and melee capabilities.


A Roman formation of locked shields on all sides good against missilery and increases the chance of a rally but poor for melee and can only move at half speed.


This single base wide four deep line of Cymry light troops is good for movement but poor in melee and against missilery.

The army lists will specify what formations are available to each army.

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