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Thursday, 20 October 2016

And We’re Off!

The Romans being Comitatenses have a higher Army Dice (D12) than the defending Picts (D8) and throw a 10 versus 2. Therefore 8 Cards are in play with the Romans going first.

Card 1-Lull-no action, Card 2- Army Morale-no action, Card 3 Melee- No troops in contact, Card 4 Command-no action.

Card 5 Move- The Roman Left moves up to sling range, its cavalry forming Drungus. The Roman centre first line moves forward stopping when it reaches some boggy ground.   The Legions in the second line slowly move forward (bad movement dice).  The Roman right flank cavalry hold their position covering the army's flank.

Card 6 Melee- No troops in contact, Card 7 Command-no action.

Card 8 Missilery- The Roman slingers shoot twice at the Picts shocking the leading group of warriors.  In the centre both units of Roman archers shoot twice at their Pict counterparts causing one unit of Picts to become shocked.

Picts: Card 1 Command- The Pict leaders successfully rally their shocked troops. Card 2- Manoeuvre- no action. Card 3 Army Morale- no action. 

Card 4- Move- Casno commanding the Pict Left throws his Leader Dice in the hope of being able to charge and melee with the Roman slingers, he rolls poorly and on an odd number so can only move into contact. 

Card 5 -Manoeuvre-no action, Card 6- Lull-no action. Card 7- Move-no action.

Card 8- Melee- Casno’s warriors attack the Roman slingers who fight back with sword and buckler. Poor dice scores (3 Pict-2 Roman) results in one hit per side but the Picts hold the advantage.

So far, so good I think.  There are a few things to note.  The Roman missile troops are Specialist for Shooting but their commander thinks it wise to hoard his Army Morale Points until he can see the full size of the Pict army.  The Roman slingers, plucky lads though they are, have been very lucky and need to get out of the way of that Pict war band. We can also note that the Pict archers are holding their fire for maximum effect.

More tomorrow and thank you for reading.

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