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Friday, 14 October 2016

The Picts Are Ready - Tactics

The Picts have mobilised against a Roman incursion.  To maximise their chances, the infantry has formed in Big Units the better to absorb punishment.  Every effort will be made to make best use the ground to disrupt and slow the inevitable Roman advance.  

Once the Romans are committed against the spear men the Pictish cavalry will launch a hopefully irresistible flank attack.  

The aims of the Kings of the Picts are to halt the Roman advance and preserve the army for future engagements. The Picts have 4 elite units and 5 leaders and 14 units of warriors giving a total 28 Army Morale Points.

To see if any additional Army Morale Points are available the Pict player rolls a D6 versus a D12.  He throws a 5 v an 8 and so adds 3 additional Army Morale Points to their total making a grand total of 31.  


  1. A beautiful and fierce looking army, well done!

  2. They should give the Romans something to think about!

  3. More will be revealed shortly!

  4. OB, any chance you could add a follower widget to the blog? My blogs followed list is not letting me add you, for some reason.


  5. Hi Aaron see the link at the top of the page and let me know if that works for you. Thanks.