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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Of Markers and Men and Morale Points

As I prepare for the third play test of Have a Heart it occurs to me that I haven’t mentioned the markers I use in lieu of record keeping or the individual command stands needed for the game.  I have also revised my thinking on Morale Point generation.

First the Markers these are:

A ‘Shocked’ Marker
An out of ammo Marker
Casualty Marker
Out of Command Marker

Here, in the above order are my markers. I need to make the last two more natural looking.

Here are some new Have a Heart command stands.

I have moved away from the idea of a Morale Point table to a simpler system with a bigger random element.  As previously discussed each player would count up the number of units in their army allowing 1 for a normal unit and 2 for an elite one. Then add 2 for the General and 1 for each sub commander the total being the number of Morale Points so far. Each player then throws a D6 and a D12 the difference between the two scores being added to their total.  Potentially the player could receive an 11 point bonus or none at all and everything in between.  I'll try this out in the next Play test.

Finally, here's a few more men, Minifigs Tlaxcala.  I really like the guy with the Crane back banner.

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