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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The Second Play Test -part 3

Cortez wins the initiative 11-9
Card 1 Army Morale-
Card 2 Move but on poor dice the army goes forward the cavalry securely tucked away.

Axayaca turn two cards
Card 1 Manoeuvre-
Card 2 Melee- no enemy in reach

Cortez wins the initiative 11-9 again.
Card 1 – Army Morale
Card 2 Command Cortez rallies the cavalry

Axayaca turn 2 cards
Card 1 Group Move Cacamatzin’s Texcoco warriors move, still concealed by the tree line, to within striking distance of a Spanish flank mixed unit.

Card 2 Move on an even dice. Cacamatzin leads a unit of Jaguars, paying one Morale Point for a ferocious attack, and one of warriors hit the exposed Spanish mixed unit front and flank. Spanish fire power shocks the Jaguars but not enough to stop them.  More warriors attack the adjacent Tlaxcala archers.  Crossbows and arquebus are fired, arrows fly and Atl Atl are hurled, The Tlaxcala commanded by Xochomitl drive back their attackers but the isolated Spanish unit is gone and prisoners have been taken. They'll be dancing in the streets of Texcoco tonight.

Axayaca wins initiative 6-3.
Card 1 Army Morale-
Card 2 Lull
Card 3 Missile Reload the Texcoco warriors reload.

Card 1 Manoeuvre – Spanish and Tlaxcala turn to face the Texcoco, Lombards deploy and the cavalry turn to line.  The allied battle line is restored.
Card 2 Lull
Card 3 Move - the army advances – slowly due to low movement dice.

Axayaca wins iniative 10-5.
Card 1- Melee-no enemy in reach
Card 2 Command
Card 3 Army Morale
Card 4 Melee--no enemy in reach
Card 5 Missilery Reload-no target

Card 1 Lombard Reload The guns fire twice and drive back a unit of Texcoco warriors with losses, Cortez playing a Tactical Advantage card for added effect.
Card 2 Melee – no troops in contact.

Card 3 Group Move on even dice. Spanish swordsmen charge the Jaguars and the Tlaxcala nobles attack the warriors.  The Tlaxcala push the warriors back, but the Spanish are repulsed as Axayaca plays a Tactical Advantage card and pays a Morale Point for a ferocious Jaguar defence. The Spanish suffered from the effects of having seen comrades captured.

Card 4 Missilery Reload Tlaxcala fire at the Jaguars to no effect -poor dice.
Card 5 Army Morale.

And that concludes Turn One. Both card decks are shuffled and turn two begins.

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