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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The Second Play Test- Part 4

Cortez wins the initiative 4-2
Card 1 Group Move on an even dice.  The Spanish swordsmen charge the Texcoco Jaguars and the Tlaxcala nobles turn and hit them in the flank.  The Spanish are sent back reeling (bad dice) and the Tlaxcala held in melee (even dice), heroic stuff from the Texcoco Jaguars.

Card 2 Move. Cortez sends the cavalry to protect the flank and advances up to the tree line where allied fire power clears away the first line of Mexica skirmishers.

Card 1 Move on an even dice.  The Mexica army moves into view and begins (poor dice) to envelop the allies.  More Texcoco warriors come to support the Jaguars.
Card 2 Melee. The Tlaxcala nobles are hit by a unit of warriors who they send hurtling back. Their grim battle with the Texcoco Jaguars continues.

Axayaca wins iniative 11-2
Card 1 Missilery Reload-markers removed.
Card 2 Manoevre Mexica skirmishers form up on the flanks of the Eagle and Jaguar knights.
Card 3 Army Morale
Card 4 Missilery Reload. The allies are hit twice Tlaxcala archers retire and the Spanish take casualties.
Card 5 Melee. The Texcoco Jaguars and the Tlaxcala nobles both pay a Morale point for a ferocious fight in which Tlaxcala prevails – preserving the allied flank. The Texcoco Jaguars retire.
Card 6 Command. Cacamatzin begins to rally the Texcoco troops. Only one unit of warriors fails to respond.
Card 7 Lull.
Card 8, Command
Card 9. Missilery Reload. The Mexica skirmishers fire again to no effect.

Card1 Lombard Reloaded- The Lombard is masked by the retiring Tlaxcala archers.
Card 2 Melee-No contact.
Card 3 Manuoevre The Tlacala nobles square off against the rallied Texcoco. The Lombard is turned on the Mexica. The Tlaxcala Otomis turn to support the Spanish.

Card 4. Army Morale, Card 5. Lull, Card 6 Lull, Card 8 Army Morale, Card 9 Melee. No action on any.

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