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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The Second Play Test - Part 1

Here we have the Spanish column heading for Mexico.  There are 20 Spanish cavalry, three hundred foot, some light cannon and 500 Tlaxcala.  Facing them is a Mexica expeditionary force of 1,500 men.  The Mexica want a horse and some prisoners and the Spanish want to secure the entrance of the pass through the mountains.   All of the generals, Axayaca and Cacamatzin, and Cortez and Xochomitl are very competent.

You might think the Mexica force is too small for the task and there is something to that. Though we can bear in mind  that due to circumstances Cortez never faced the full might of Mexico - We could consider this a preliminary engagement. 

I'm going to take the AAR in stages so we can see how the rules work - or don't as the case may be. I should say, like all Piquet games, Have a Heart moves along quickly.  So to Turn one.
Axayaca for Mexico wins the initiative roll by 9-4 so 5 cards will be turned.
Card 1 is a Move card and the Mexica move their troops down to the tree line and send a strong force to occupy a low hill. From the Spanish perspective most of the Mexica army remains out of sight.
Card 2 is a Lull card-nothing happens.
Card 3 is a Missilery Reload card but no targets are available.
Card 4 is a Command card and a leader joins the Mexica on the low hill.
Card 5 is an Army Morale card – nothing happens.

Cortez now turns 5 cards.

Card 1 is a Lull card-nothing happens.
Card 2 is an Army Morale Card-ditto
Card 3 is a Manoeuvre card and Cortez forms his flank troops into deep formation.  
Card 4 is a Melee card but no opponents are available

Card 5 is a Lombard Reload card but the guns are still in column.

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