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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The Second Play Test- Part 5

Axayaca wins the initiative 8-2
Card 1 Army Morale
Card 2 Melee-No contact.
Card 3 Group Move on an even dice The Mexica centre emerges between the skirmishers and Jaguars and Eagles attack the Spanish and Tlaxcalla. The Spanish recoil is blocked by the Otomi and the unit is lost.  The Tlaxcala hang on.
Card 4 Melee The Jaguars pay a Morale Point for a ferocious attack on the Tlaxcala bows who are destroyed.
Card 5 Command, Card 6 Manuoevre-no action.

Card 1 Missilery Reload. The Tlaxcala bows fire to no effect.
Card 2 Move on an even dice.  The Otomi turn to face the Eagles and charge both sides inflict casualties.  The Spanish cavalry hit the Eagles in the flank destroying them.

Card 3 Lombard Reload.  Poor dice and no casualties perhaps they overshot.
Card4 Move Cortez attempts to create a new battle line.
Card 5 Melee No contact.
Card 6 Command Cortez attempts to rally the Spanish swordsmen but fails.

Cortez wins initiative 8-6
Card 1 Army Morale
Card 2 Missilery Reload-more poor dice for the Tlaxcala archers.

Card 1 Army Morale
Card 2 Lull

Cortez wins the initiative 3-1
Card 1 Command. Cortez rallies the Spanish swordsmen and in paying to restore their unit integrity spends his last Morale Points.  Game over.  The last pic shows the so far un engaged Mexica.  Texcoco did most of the fighting.

I'll need to have a think about all this but I enjoyed it and I hope you did too.


  1. Nice AAR, just love the collection, so colorful!
    Now, right up front I will declare I never liked Picquet rules system, two games at conventions were enough for me and my friends to swear we would never play them again.
    So I can't judge as an expert then but I wonder if the Spanish aren't in need of some boosting? Or the Aztecs toned down? Have to wonder if Cortes could have taken Mexico had he used Picquet?

  2. There's Picquet and FOB Picquet Joseph or old Picquet and new Picquet if you like. Have a Heart is new Picquet. Though if you just like the pics that is good enough for me.

    Your question is a good one. Could seriously outnumbered Spaniards have taken, Picquet aside, Mexico? No they could not, that required huge numbers of native allies.

    This play test was a bit of a 'what if'. The Mexica had the numbers and very good command. After Alvarado's massacre of the Mexica top and middle brass, command must have been a challenge for them -too many experienced leaders dead. Also they had the numbers - mostly they did not in reality.

    My starting point though was could I reflect Bernal Diaz's experience as described in my previous post Combat - Bernal's Story. So far I'm not unhappy.

    Boosting the Spaniards? Sure a couple of sub commanders will help a lot and also more use of defensive tactics. Toning down the Mexica? Only the elite troops are a challenge so not at this stage. Poorer command and co-ordination might do it though.

  3. You've done the research so I think you know what you're doing. And yes, I am aware the Spanish allies contributed by far the bulk of the troops against the Aztecs.
    Great stuff so far, I'm enjoying it.

  4. Thanks Joseph for the next play test I'll add some Spanish sub commanders and have Cortez fight a defensive battle.

  5. Colorful and beautiful minis here, nice post!

  6. Thank you Phil. There's a germ of an idea about early medieval warfare in my head. Once Have a Heart is done I'm going to see what I can do with 4th and 5th Century wars. A sort of Ends of Empire thing.