Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The Second Play Test -part 2

Cortez wins the initiative roll by 4-2 and turns 2 cards.

Card 1 is a Move card on an even roll which means the Spanish troops still in column form up in depth and the whole army moves forward in three battles.  Only the guns and the cavalry remain in column and the latter unwisely moves across the front of the Mexica.
Card 2 is a Lull card.

Axayaca turns

Card 1 a Command card – nothing is required.
Card 2 a Lull card.

Axayaca wins the initiative 8-5.
Card 1 Army Morale -.
Card 2 Manoeuvre the Mexica on the low hill form up in depth.
Card 3 is a Missilery Reload card that enables the Mexica slingers to shoot twice at the cavalry.  Causing a unit integrity loss on the Spanish – it’s a small unit and cannot afford this.

Cortez turns 3 cards

Card 1 Lull
Card 2 Missilery Reload – no targets
Card 3 Command.  Cortez joins the cavalry but fails to rally off the unit integrity loss.  He does need to achieve this.

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