Sunday, 20 August 2017

100 Years War Progress

I recently spent a pleasant afternoon painting my 100 Years War collection, radio play in the back ground, you know the sort of thing.

Most pleasing of all I’ve managed to get my hands on some Steve Shaw medieval Scots courtesy of eBay.  I’m a big fan of Steve’s work and his figures are not easy to come by these days.  

What I wanted in this case was a Scottish contingent for my French and that’s just what I got-plus a couple of excellent Highlands and Isles command figures.

Here they are, rather heavy in Douglas’s, (dubh gl├ís = blue black) and Otterburn oriented but they will do the trick nicely.  As you can see they are equipped with long spears to front up a Schiltron as a unit of seargents led by knights.

I’ve nearly finished the English archers too and some Donnington New Era foot knights including the Ear of Oxford.

The big painting challenge is going to be the mounted knights.


  1. Good work, and they certainly look the business!


  2. Cheers Aaron, its a new departure for me in terms of painting and period.