Tuesday, 15 August 2017

That’s the Impi Done

Six units in all, three veterans, three fierce, three married, three unmarried.  Wedded men are veterans all, as those of us who abide within the institution know.  

It is possible to adjust the stats further if you fancy having an elite regiment for example. Strictly speaking the younger men could move faster than the older lads but I hesitate to tinker with the movement rules.  As it stands Zulus, in TMWWBK, can always move and that should nicely reflect their speed.

I’ll use them in the traditional fashion formed up to represent the horns, head and loins of a fighting bull.  The horns will seek to turn the enemy’s flanks, the head will fix the enemy and absorb the punishment and the loins will deliver the coup de grace.

Maximising the use of cover is going to be important with these lads.

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