Friday, 18 August 2017

Folorn Hope

General Hope Grant feels his orders are too restrictive, denying him the ability to act on his own initiative.  He does not want to inflame the Pandies by being seen to withdraw from engaging them.  That said he will scrupulously obey orders and can take great satisfaction in the retribution his column will deal out to the natives.

His force consists of:

Hodgeson’s Horse, a Sikh formation perhaps more committed to loot than battle. 

A British Battalion, still musket armed.

A battalion of Punjab Sikh's likewise armed with musket.

At his own request, he is accompanied by a single battery of artillery.

The guns will slow him down but could be decisive should he meet serious opposition.  On the eve of departure orders arrive requiring him to attend on Sir Colin Campbell immediately.  Bereft of Hope,  General Rose entrusts the mission to Brigadier Wilson.

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