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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Zulu Stuff

I got a copy of Dan Mersey’s A Wargamers Guide to the Anglo Zulu War at a good price.  It’s a very nice, well produced affair containing pretty much what you would want to know. 

The tone is pleasantly conversational and as you would expect-informed.  Strangely, Dan does not mention his own splendid Men Who Would Be King in the rules round up towards the back.  Old fashioned modesty perhaps, anyway it doesn’t matter because you can clearly see from the historical material what inspired the thinking behind his ‘tribal firepower’ rule.  All in all, it’s a grand little purchase.  

The Impi, as you can see is coming on a treat.  Just one unit left to paint and then its horns, head and loins on the table.

Here’s a pic of the Old Glory Chinese Legation armed civilians handy enough for the Cape too.

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