Thursday, 10 August 2017

Jingals in The Men Who Would Be Kings

There are no stats for Jingals in The Men Who Would Be Kings.  Of course, if you have Boxer, or Imperials or Tai Ping troops you want Jingals.

Right then, what do we know about Jingals?  Basically, a Jingal was like a big shot gun with a two- man crew.  At short range, it could be very effective at long range it was nearly useless.  It was though very mobile, a Jingal and crew could easily keep up with infantry.  They were often used from cover or concealment.  You can see two of them, mounted on tripods, front and centre, below. Sometimes there was no tripod with one of the crew resting the weapon on his shoulder instead.

I’m rating mine as follows: Irregular crewed weapon, 2 crew three dice each, range ‘3 (for 15mm), speed ‘3. A Jingal crews only defence against close quarter assault was to evade it so their free movement will be skirmish.  I’m thinking a cost of 2 points, possibly 3.

While we are on the subject Blue Moon 15/18mm have released a lovely bag of Jingals and crews under the title of Chinese Wall Guns.

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