Monday, 21 August 2017

Roman Lion Rampant

While we are on things Rampant I came across a mid/late Roman variant recently.  I thought it looked pretty good and indeed it attracted positive comment from Dan Mersey.  You can find the detail here on the author David Sullivan’s blog. Here’s the link:

Reading through the adaptation I was struck by how easy the Lion Rampant tool kit lends itself to reproducing the Drungus tactic of the Roman cavalry.  The latter was also favoured by the Visigoths and British of the Heroic age.

As it happens I have a bunch of suitable figures for this that are currently not doing anything useful.  So far, I've located a unit of Visigoth cavalry, one of cataphracts and another of clibanarii and two German warbands.  All need to be painted.  I'm sure there is other useful stuff stashed away somewhere too.

A lot of fun to be had here I think, expect more posts on this.

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